About US

Who is Bob Prosperio ?
Since he really cares about other people’s life, since he wishes all the people to be healthier and healthier for the whole Planet Earth to be healed.
– Bob Prosperio has received quality confirmations from many attendants.

With his experience of over 25 years, he can give you the real methods of spiritual ascension and progress so as to gain stronger health, optimism and prosperity.

Bob Prosperio has received the initiation through the lineage of the famous Master William Lee Rand who has founded The International Center for Reiki Training in the Unites States of America (internationally recognized diploma)

Prepare to believe in this system and you will experience life changing miracles, and Light and Love in your body, … health improvement, Optimism, better Quality of life, Prosperity, relationship improvements. My students have already experienced these nice changes.”

At every class, course, you will receive a unique and very special initiation from Bob Brosperio, … You will experience nice moments , harmony, and serenity, … it is possible to feel Divine Energy, nice colours or very nice images, some students experienced also Divine images. It does not matter at which distance you are, you will feel something very special, … this is almost guaranteed.