Healing Energy Light Techniques

Healing Energy Light Techniques

What are the Healing Energy Light Techniques?
With these techniques we will access the Universal Energy, which has been included in various systems conceived to use this Energy.

In this system we use symbols like in Reiki systems but much stronger and with Reconnection with the very High Energy of Angels, Archangels, Seraphims and Cherubims.

It is a UNIQUE system with effects in your life after the first initiation.
Bob Prosperio has worked more than 25 years at this system and he will Reconnect you with God, Universe, Sacred Force, or in whatever you believe. In this process YOU will get healing, optimism, emprove rellations and prosperity. God, Universe, Sacred Force is the Force that always will Love you and help you. All you need is a Reconnection and a special unique initiation to receive all the benefits from Universe, God.

Bob Prosperio is ready to help you in this spiritual journey.

The Divine Love.
Healing Energy Light Techniques are part from a method of Integrative Medicine and is more than that; it is a path to become a special Enlightened Human Being, to rise to an expanded level of consciousness, a method of spiritual growth.

For the spiritual growth of the practitioner in this system we have 5 levels of learning. It is supposed that after each graduated level, practitioner’s level of consciousness is raised, as well as the quantity and quality of transferred Healing Light Energy. You will see results in health and prosperity after every level you accomplish. You will live a changed very special life after you receive all 5 levels of initiation with Bob Prosperio.

At every initiation you will feel something special like Divine Energy flowing in your body, very nice images or colours , Light and Love in your body and gentle relaxation.

You will experience these very nice and Divine sensations no matter how experienced you are in this domain while distance also does not matter.

I guarantee you will feel all Divine feelings that I have mentioned.

Effective Reiki classes with a high-quality presentation by Bog Prosperio.

With over 25-year experience in Energy Medicine and Spirituality, I offer highly effective classes that will change your life for the better.

What you will gain:
• Stronger health for you and your family
• More relaxation and eagerness to live your life
• Higher optimism and self-confidence
• More energy for all day long
• More prosperity and improvement of your relationships
• Energy shield protection

If you wish an effective course of highest quality, you have reached the right place.

Take the benefit now of quality and cost-effectiveness to highly improve your health. Also, you will learn of the path to spiritual growth, prosperity and success.

ENROLL NOW at Healing Energy Light Techniques classes and you will gain a FREE Consultation


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