Health, Prosperity, Success Classes

Health, Prosperity, Success Classes

Health, Prosperity, Success – Classes

Usui Tibetan Reiki and REIKI Prosperio, in the way Bob Prosperio teaches, will help you gain Health, Prosperity and Success.

1) – First you will learn how to NOT WORRY.

In our lives it is important to have less or even 0 (zero) worries.

If you stop worrying about money, comfort, or other material circumstances, you will experience less stress.

At what should I think ?

Just think at Divine Energy… God can give you a lot of Energy and very nice feelings, like deep special Love in your soul.
Light will come in your life and even miracles can happen in your life. If you stop worrying, your faith in God will increase and, eventually, you will attract prosperity in your life. This is the path on which you Can and you Will Succeed !
God is not just a simple word, when you say God and when you say “Yes, I believe in God and I attract abundance”, you must feel the Energy.
If you do not feel this, I can help you, I will guide you and you will succeed. Bob Prosperio will guide you and you will succeed.

2) – It is important to free yourself from DEBT.

Bob Prosperio will teach you how to free yourself from debt.
Debt keep you connected, enslaves you to the institution or person you owe and keep you in the bad vibration so that you have no chance to be free.
Debt gives you a dependence on that institution or person, so it is not a way to be happy and prosperous.

3). – Health is important.
Health is much more important that you think.
People start to work hard for money and they go to jobs, which will attack their health, so in the end they lose what is very very important for them – THE HEALTH.
People gather money and struggle then with that money to go to doctors to get back what they have lost – THE HEALTH –
Bob Prosperio will teach you how to connect to the Divine vibration that will give Health to you, because God can help you – if you have faith and a very good connection with God, you will gain HEALTH. Everything inside you can be fixed with the Intelligent Divine Energy. If you BELIEVE this, you will have a very good Health.
It is well known, the healthier you are, the more confident and full of energy you become. If you have Energy and if you are happy, you will also attract Wealth.

Prosperity is near you when you are healthy !
In this website you will find a lot of classes which will guide you to a very good Health and Prosperity. Just check this link:
and press ENROLL NOW – you have a lot of classes there and you must select the course or class where you want to participate.
Being successful is very easy !

4). – Be aware of the words you use and be aware of your thoughts.

Some people are accustomed to pronouncing negative words about others and about their financial situation.
It is like a spiritual and mental suicide when somebody chooses to do that !
You must be grateful for what you have and your vibration must be positive towards all human beings and about the whole Creation.
When a person uses negative words like infernal traffic or is angry with a person or many other persons in the Universe, that person is transmitting a lot of negativity, and guess what: that negativity will travel back to the person which has issued that thought.
By using positive words and thinking positively, you give to the Universe this very positive signal that you love Light, that you respect the Creator and His Creation.
The Universe is made of Information and Energy, every word has its own Energy.
If we use words with high Energy, we will see soon good changes in our life.

5). – Share what you already have:

You must be grateful for what you have.
When you share with others what you have, you are showing to the Universe that you have unlimited abundance and you are grateful. You have so much wealth
that you can actually share it – this is the message that you will send to the Universe.
By the Law of attraction, you will attract in your life more abundance. – Just believe it and apply it, it will work for you.
You can donate a percentage from your earnings from 3 % to 10 % to any non-profit organization or to any person who is in need.
You can even donate from your personal energy by enrolling in a volunteer organization.
Also you can smile and give spiritual love to any person from the street even if you do not know that person.