Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes – A natural system of healing your soul and controlling modern-day stress

It is said that all diseases have a root in the affected individuals’ soul. Our soul, that is our divine and immortal part, is highly responsive to our thoughts and feelings. When we have positive and optimistic thoughts, our vital energy flow is enhanced, which makes us feel better keeping our soul happy. If we have negative thoughts, our vital energy is discontinuous and we do not feel good, affecting deeply our soul that will need recovery. Reiki is a natural system of healing our soul.

Various organs and tissues of our body can be affected if negative thoughts and feelings are nestling into our subconscious mind. Negative thoughts and feelings create energy blockages in various locations throughout our bodies. Energy blockages lessen the vital functions of the related organs and cells of the physical body and as far as the blockage exists, it can lead to health disorders. This is in brief the subtle mechanism of disease occurrence.

Almost any disease can be treated by learning a Reiki system of healing. In Reiki healing, the subject line is not the disease but the people and their attitude towards Life. To reach the healing state, people have to be stout-hearted, open minded, trustful and very attentive to the signals of their bodies.

Reiki Classes

We will talk in this article about specific medical conditions that can be healed with Reiki. First you should keep in mind that Reiki is a complementary healing tool. Reiki is always beneficial and enhances the efficiency of all other types of therapies. Reiki works in harmony with all other types of treatments. You can continue your medical or psychological treatment while receiving Reiki, with beneficial results. Reiki will actually improve the results of any other medical treatment, acting to the effect of diminishing the negative side effects, for instance as a consequence of chemotherapy, surgery, etc. Reiki treatment shortens the healing timeline, reduces or eliminates pain, reduces stress and helps in creating optimism. Reiki is used in combination with psychotherapy to improve the healing of emotional trauma and other issues. Its psychological benefits may include better memory and higher self-confidence.
Let’s have a look to the imbalances triggered by the negative feelings, which all can be cured or overcome by means of Reiki self-healing. Bob Prosperio, your Reiki Master Teacher, will help you get the ability to connect yourselves to Reiki source so as to alleviate and release the stressful conditions described below.

Reiki Classes

Negative feelings and emotions have a great impact on our life, influencing our balance and health condition. They activate in our bodies hormones and chemical substances outburst, which affects our immune system and vitality. On this background, our bodies experience inflammatory processes without being able to adjust them any longer and chronic pain occurs with no possibility for the medical doctor to determine the reasons thereof.

Reiki Classes

Reiki healing techniques are recommendable for alleviating such chronic pain generated either by trauma/physical affections or by negative feelings and emotions as described above, the latter being a very common situation nowadays, generated by our stressful life. Chronic pain is defined as an extended physical pain that highly exceeds the normal healing process.
We can define the emotional suffering by the place of its occurrence. Pain is a clear signal of specific emotional issues that have not been cleared out and that may be removed by Reiki hands-on healing, as follows:
-Headaches and migraines can be symptoms of daily stress. The brain area dealing with pain management is partially overlapping the brain area dealing with emotions. This is why we should choose positive thinking and optimism all the time. Don’t forget that a stressful life will have an effect upon our body-mind-spirit. Reiki can help you control your life without stress!

-Throat pains stand for a communication blockage – unspoken things at the appropriate moment or incapacity to give forgiveness to someone. Reiki can help you feel gratitude and forgiveness so as to release negative emotions.

-Shoulders pains indicate an emotional burden. Reiki can help you to share your worries and concerns with your friends and find together a solution.

-Back pains may express lack of emotional support. You will be able by Reiki self-healing to communicate your feelings to your partner.

-Arms pains refer to your need to be close to your endeared ones. Reiki will help you remove the barriers to spending more time with your family and making new friends.

-Hips pains indicate your fear to change and avoiding a decision. Reiki will help you regain your mobility literally and figuratively all in one.

-Knees pains may be an alarm that you are too much oriented to your own needs. Reiki will make you empathic to volunteer work.

-Sole pains express depression and negativism. Reiki will help you to stop absorbing the sadness from around and to start enjoy your life feeling fine in your own body.

Reiki Classes

As you can see, for many pains you have to check first your soul condition. Reiki will help you with your soul overhaul. Bob Prosperio, your Reiki Master Teacher, will help you in this proceeding, so that you can consciously feel the link between you and the Universe and heal yourself forever.

Bob Prosperio healing techniques will help you learn Reiki self-healing, on all levels up to mastering these universal healing tools that act upon all anatomic and physiologic systems, approaching the human being wholly – mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Reiki brings the person in a healing state, creating a sacred spiritual space that will last as long as that person has faith. Keep communication with Bob Prosperio and he will help you access and maintain this special sacred state of mind and soul.

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