Elena Boangiu

It is known that any performance, any spectacular achievement, no matter the field, are based first of all on a strong faith into your guiding counselor, in your own forces and in God, followed by an adequate schedule of working, training, dieting and relaxation. I am very grateful to my trainer, Master Bob Prosperio Toma, for his classes of Usui Tibetan Reiki and Prosperio Reiki Techniques, whose effect has been remarkable both at the physical level and at the spiritual level. The real benefits that I have been enjoying impact not only me but also my family, my nearest and dearest and even more many others. Usui Tibetan Reiki and Prosperio Reiki Techniques give you a pleasant way to fulfill yourself, to express yourself completely, to hold better relationships with the whole world and finally to get for sure what you desire for you, your family and your dearest people

D. Andreescu

My name is D. Andreescu and I have attended with great interest Master Bob Prosperio classes. My life has been EFFECTIVELY SAVED by the techniques that I have learnt at these classes. I used to work as an engineer in a highly toxic environment, together with four team mates. Three of them have gone from this world and the fourth is trying hardly to survive. I am the only one with an excellent life, I enjoy health and prosperity. I would like once again to extend my thanks to Master Bob Prosperio and I warmly recommend his spiritual and prosperity classes