Info Reiki (Info Measurements for Health and Situations)

The whole Universe is made up of Information and Energy. Info Reiki makes use of Light methods to help us gain spectacular and precise results on various situations of our life.

If you are interested in finding out the actual state of health or how to cure or at least to improve health condition, you should consider this excellent system called Info Reiki.

Info Reiki techniques can be applied in business, as it gives you the ability to measure for instance faithfulness of a business partner or to analyze the best out of three offers in terms of quality/cost ratio. You will also be able to assess the efficiency and fidelity of an employee. Karma level and influence can be measured for a specific situation by means of Info Reiki tools, and the list of examples is open.

Info Reiki is an energy healing system that combines Reiki techniques and Radiesthesia.
In Info Reiki, the Info Reiki Master makes use of the Light Energy – benefic techniques to help the people in need for health and karmic information or any other types of information related to life improvement of the people asking for help.

What you will learn at the Info Reiki class:
• Radiesthesia measurements by means of ansa and protractor;
• How to determine functioning parameters of chakras, aura, energy fields, organs and meridians;
• How to measure values of chakras, fields, organs;
• How to assess energy cleanliness degree for people, animals, plants, organs, rooms, houses, buildings and crystals;
• Measurements of health, energizing, cleanliness conditions;
• How to apply clearing, energizing and recovering algorithms to remove negative energies and harmful programs;
• How to remove root causes generating illness and malicious situations, learning to optimize day by day life, working with Holy Trinity Energy;
• How to localize problems, blockages, Psychic attacks;
• Info Reiki techniques make use of clearing algorithms, clearing spheres, Light spaces and rotary disks, as well as blocked energy dispersing symbols, information implementation symbols, negative information & malicious algorithms erasing symbols
• Info Reiki techniques include light sword activation to cut the strings and clean the rooms. Info Reiki Master Symbol makes connection to and energy feeding from the Source.

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