Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins. Reiki is the lost story of humanity that you will rediscover to regain the happiness which once used to be natural all over the Earth. Reiki is the secret technique of inviting happiness into your life. One of the healing tools comprised by this wonderful technique of inviting the endorphins to master your body is REIKI MEDITATION and we will talk in this article about this handy tool, which proves to be quite necessary in our modern-day challenging life.

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

It is scientifically proven that by practicing Reiki meditation, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins release is stimulated. All these hormones will communicate instantly to all of the body cells to act in order to stimulate blood circulation and cells oxygenation, to decrease blood pressure and cortisol level, to make optimal food digestion and efficient nutrients absorption and to eliminate possible infections.

Let’s have a short look at Endorphins (happiness hormones) and Cortisol (stress hormone). Endorphins are natural opiates that generate feelings of quietness and pain relief. Releasing endorphins will strengthen your immune system and decrease the effects of physical pain upon your whole being. Reiki Meditation will teach your brain to release Endorphins for effective body systems functioning.

On the other side, practicing Reiki meditation will help you learn how to relax and prevent your body from responding to the stress action by maintaining your optimal level of cortisol. Cortisol is released by adrenals and is involved with glucose chemistry, adjustment of blood pressure, proper insulin releasing and the appropriate functioning of the immune system.

To explain the benefits of Reiki Meditation we have to talk again about stress. Cortisol is the stress hormone and every one of us is reacting differently to the same stressful situation. One person may release a higher quantity of cortisol as compared to another one, under similar conditions. Besides, specialized studies show that persons releasing higher cortisol under stress are longing for huge quantities of unhealthy food, rich in carbohydrates, as compared to the persons releasing lower cortisol under stress. If your sensitivity to stress situations is higher, it is important to practice Reiki Meditation to get relaxed and to maintain a very calm lifestyle. Extended stressful time of your life may attract anxiety. The same way as pain does, anxiety may be a warning that body is overworked and needs relaxation. We invite you to experience Reiki Meditation to efficiently decrease stress and anxiety !

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

Reiki Meditation is based on some already known principles. For instance, to practice it, you will lie down or you will be seated with your hands in prayer position, which is considered very relaxing for mind and body. Another known aspect is that you have to find a quiet place to practice it, to close your eyes and relax. Of course, it often can be difficult to calm your mind, as your thoughts of busy schedules and daily chattering try to fill your minds.

You will be guided by Bob Prosperio, your Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, to get the Reiki state of meditation, to open up your energy centers and reconnect with the Divine energy. You will experience the inner balance that makes you feel everything is achievable with no limit.

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

To fulfill your duties and to cope with the challenges of your life, your mental state is very important. For best results, your positive state of mind is required. Reiki Meditation is an efficient way to influence your mental state so that you can fulfill your purposes in your everyday activity.

In a summary, here are the main benefits of practicing Reiki meditation, for your body, mind and spirit:
– Intuition development and clarity of mind.
– Higher control over your inner attitude and emotional state.
– Less worry, fears, anger and stress.
– General improvement of your health, mood and behavior
– Improvement of the immune system

Happiness inside is the key realization of practicing Reiki Meditation. Your whole being will experience great changes with Reiki Meditation: your body will be filled with more light vibration, your state of mind will be more peaceful and your spirit will know more joy.

Reiki Meditation Reiki Classes Endorphins

By practicing Reiki Meditation, you will gradually change your life style, possibly bringing constant physical exercises, music listening, respiration techniques, or all of such activities into a new way of living your precious life in Harmony, Love and Light.

Your Usui Tibetan Reiki Master teacher Bob Prosperio will show you the benefits of Reiki Meditation as a handy healing tool reducing stress and bringing deep relaxation. Spiritual growth is also involved with Reiki Meditation, since extended awareness is reached as well as profound understanding of your true divine nature.

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Usui Tibetan Reiki Master – Prevention and Spiritual Development

Usui Tibetan Reiki Master – Prevention and Spiritual Development

In oriental cultures, healing disciplines like Reiki may be applied to healthy people as a preventative method. An Usui Tibetan Reiki Master can use Reiki as a technique, to relieve stress, to overcome unwanted habits, to achieve desired goals, and to protect from harm. Many Reiki practitioners have found that plants and animals also respond well to a Reiki session. A Usui Tibetan Reiki treatment is felt as a wonderful brilliance blaze and has lots of benefits both for client and Reiki practitioner, including positive conscience states and spiritual experiences.

When talking about spiritual evolution many people think this is something too high and complicated for them and it is the area of only some great masters’ concern. As a matter of fact, spirituality should be every human being’s concern, whether being prevention or healing of actual health damage condition. Every one of us is responsible of being healthy and happy. The final target of our spiritual development is to create and maintain a state of happiness. Inner joy is the key to success in any and all activities.

It is very often said that if you heal yourself you will actually heal the Planet Earth. Because we are all interconnected by the Vital Force and we are affecting each other with our thoughts and feelings. So, we are all responsible for what we are thinking, for the emotions we choose to experience, for the whole life we choose to live. If you already seek for your health and wellbeing you already are on a spiritual path. Again we have to emphasize that spirituality is not the exclusive concern of some spiritual masters but the scope of work for every one of us. Spirituality does not necessarily mean great purposes of healing many people and bringing peace on earth forever, or praying all day long and fasting a lot. As far as the spiritual development involves both soul and body, spirituality will include all our gestures and attitudes towards nature, towards ourselves and towards other people.

In one of our previous articles we took a picture of energy blockages, the place they occur in our body and their relations with our anxiety and stress. When you begin seeking for the cause of your aches in the body, you already are on a spiritual path. On this personal development path, you begin to see subtle explanations of your pain and aches. Any suffering is a signal from the Universe that we have to look up to the sky, to our divine origin. Any suffering compels us to understand that we have neglected our health – that is our soul. Physical healing is actually spiritual healing, as the link between body and soul is very close; as a matter of fact and form there is no difference between body and soul – they are mirroring each other. If you know to decipher the signs and signals submitted by the body, you know to read someone’s soul. If you learn to make no difference or opposition between body and soul, you have the innocence of the ancient people who lived in perfect harmony with Nature and with themselves. Reiki is a natural way of regaining this innocence by reconnection with your true nature. Bob Prosperio, your Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, will help you Reconnect to your inner true self, so that you can consciously feel the link between you and the Universe, God, Force, in what you believe and heal yourself forever.

The departure of the modern people from their true nature translates into the occurrence of stress, which leads very often to ignoring one’s own suffering, and the occurrence of so many medical conditions that cannot be diagnosed and labeled with precise names, causes and treatments. Within this category, we can identify two major sufferings nowadays – insomnia and general pain in the body – either bone or muscle pain. Within this area, it is useful to approach the suffering individual as a whole not the symptoms of an illness and to make him/her understand the importance of relaxation of body and mind. Reiki is a very useful relaxation technique that can reduce stress, insomnia and general physical discomfort. As a complementary form of healing, Reiki shall not replace medical assistance and treatment.

Great condition improvement can be achieved with Usui Tibetan Reiki in fibromyalgia. You will see that fibromyalgia can be interpreted as a response of the neglected body&soul to the negative lifestyle. Trying to solve fibromyalgia can be the beginning of a spiritual journey, especially if we consider the fact that classical medicine itself cannot determine its precise cause. Fibromyalgia is not a disease or affection, but a chronic pain syndrome manifested at the level of muscles and soft tissues. Pain is neither permanent nor progressive, but it makes any usual activity impossible to render. Fibromyalgia is a modern-day medical condition discovered in 1980. Its nature is not either inflammatory or rheumatic, even though in the beginning it was considered a rheumatic affection generated by untreated psychic issues, and it is characterized more specifically by sensible and pressure-painful points on the body. There are many hypotheses upon fibromyalgia causes, but no exact definition has ever been done until now. It is believed, on the one side, that it is possibly triggered by increased sensibility and decreased pain tolerance of the nervous cells in the spinal cord and brain as a result of chemical changes. On the other side, it is believed that fibromyalgia can be generated by the imbalance of some hormones such as cortisol and somatropin because their insufficiency produces exhaustion and decreased pain tolerance.
Risk factors of fibromyalgia syndrome are: increased level of stress, sleep disorders and constant depression. The most significant symptom is the pain felt in muscles, sinews and ligament. Besides, a combination of some other signs may indicate the presence of fibromyalgia: headaches, over-fatigue resulted from insomnia or poor sleep, anxiety, irritable bowel / irritable colon syndrome, lack of focus, memory failure, stiffness and tingling of various parts of the body, influenza-like conditions, itches and intestinal issues. Also, joints non-motility in the morning lasting less than one hour is a specific sign of this syndrome.

Unfortunately, there is no medical treatment to cure fibromyalgia. There are only remedies to alleviate the symptoms described here above. The most important medical recommendations are: relaxation, prevention of stress occurrence and improvement of sleep quality. Positive thinking combined with meditation and praying also have a curing effect, being already demonstrated that meditation & praying can adjust both physiologic processes and conscience-affected structures. Reiki self-healing is an efficient tool for relaxation, prevention of stress occurrence and improvement of sleep quality, which will all alleviate fibromyalgia symptoms. In a future article we will talk about Reiki meditation to complete the description of the healing tools that Reiki can bring up in order to cover the requirements of modern-day challenging life.

Your Usui Tibetan Reiki Master teacher Bob Prosperio will show you the benefits of Reiki as a gentle and efficient natural healing technique, treating the human being as a whole, not just the symptoms of an illness or disease. Reiki reduces stress and induces deep relaxation. Bob Prosperio will also show you the benefits of Reiki distance healing: helping with pain relief, stress relief, relaxation and wellbeing, anxiety for exams, interviews, special events; acceleration of healing, balancing of body, mind & soul, strengthening of the immune system, increased creativity, and spiritual growth. If you want to heal yourself and to take the path of spiritual growth, we wait for you to enroll into the wonderful travel of Usui Tibetan Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Shamballa Multidimensional Healing.
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