Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses

Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses
Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses + Courses on Prosperity and Success.

Bob Prosperio is inviting you to attend two of his classes to change your life for the better.

If you are in one of the following situations:
• You wish you gained Health, Prosperity and Success
• You wish you learnt how to become more Optimistic and Emotionally Balanced
• You wish you understood how to reach Happiness
• You wish you took control easy over your stressful life
• You wish you could easily understand the difference between Good and Evil so as to avoid the traps
• You wish you could identify the unseen barriers on the way to your prosperity

These courses are surely for you!

Your Master Bob Prosperio will initiate you in the healing art by transferring the Universal Energy through your hands.
It is safe, natural and you will feel wonderful!

Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses
Bob Prosperio Usui Tibetan Reiki Courses USA and Worldwide

What you are gaining within Usui Tibetan Reiki classes:
• You will get directly connected to the Universal Energy Source

Reiki Level I:
• History of Reiki, initiation lineage
• Solutions on your personal issues and psychotherapy
• What Reiki is – goals
• System structure and learning method
• Initiation
• Clearing the aura to prepare the student for initiation

Reiki Level II:
• Reiki Practice
• Personal energy clearing, dwelling energy clearing, car energy clearing and protection while driving, etc.
• Energy shield protection methods
• Reiki self-treatment – how to use Reiki energy for a stronger health
• Attunement and Initiation in order to receive the Universal Energy
• Approaches to energy clearing and energy cords cutting
• Other Japanese methods
• Reiki treatment for free

BONUS – Prosperio Reiki Techniques
Unique methods discovered by Bob Prosperio to connect yourself to prosperity and to gain excellent health.

It is on these classes that you will find out:
• Unique methods to decrease your karma
• Unique methods to heal you family tree
• Energy shield protection methods
• Effective methods to settle the energy attacks
• Basic methods for enlightenment and advanced level methods for health improvement
• Efficiently Customized solutions for health and wellness

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